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Business report studio user

These two new ways of presenting data provide many new options for report authors to create reports that match the analytical needs of the user community. Entire classes have been created to focus on the creation of reports using these formats.

Other capabilities in IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio include the integration of external data sources and the ability to save Report Studio reports to be used directly by Business Insight Advanced authors.

Using external data sources in Report Studio has been a customer request since IBM Cognos tools moved to a web-based architecture.

This enhancement gives the report consumer new opportunities to process just the information needed for a specific situation. By using a common report business report studio user between applications, users who aren't accustomed to complex reports can receive assistance to build reports that have features beyond those normally available to Business Insight Advanced users.

While the features I've discussed to this point are promoted as key features, other useful options in version 10 will increase the effectiveness of reports to your users. Some of these features were previously available through complex programming by the report developer, but IBM Cognos Business Intelligence now makes this job much easier.

As a report writer and instructor who can appreciate the ability to create report designs designed to tell a story, I want to highlight 10 of these new features.

Alternative Text The Alternative Text property has been added to graphical objects, such as images and charts, to allow screen readers to translate the text see Figure 1. Another aspect of this feature that's applied in various properties is to provide localized text without using conditional formatting.

business report studio user

Mixed with other chart presentation options, these features help report developers to give new polish to the presentation of content. Figure 2 shows the additional gradient options that are now available, along with the new properties for the charts.

Figure 2 New Gradient Fill Types Moving beyond simple linear gradients, some new fill types provide more choices for enhanced presentations.

Backgrounds behind pages, objects, and selected areas can now display a number of gradient designs.

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The fill types include rectangular frames and embedded circular gradients, with many parameters to customize the blending of colors see Figure 3. Now combination charts can be stacked with two more axes for better analysis of related numbers.

These options can be integrated into dashboard design to enhance the presentation of related measures. Figure 4 shows a chart with the additional axes selected.

business report studio user

Now they're all bundled into the Query Calculations see Figure 5. This option simplifies the toolbox for report authors, while emphasizing that dimensional queries can have enhanced calculations.

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Figure 5 Summarize Small Slices and Exploded Slices With pie charts, two improvements include summarizing small slices and exploding slices.

These two options greatly improve the presentation of pie charts to emphasize the most important information see Figure 6. In my classes, these options have been requested for years, and now they're delivered in this release. Figure 6 Trendlines, Category Baselines, and Numeric Baselines Report Studio functions have now improved on the predictive ability behind charts, without having to use external functions to calculate the numbers see Figure 7.

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Figure 7 Series Color Synchronization With the changes made to enhance series, this feature allows report writers to simplify the legends when the series information is repeated across the combinations.

By changing the Series Color property to Match see the short arrow in Figure 8the legend shows the different product lines and the nested measures differently indicated by the longer arrowincreasing the effectiveness of the presentation.

Figure 8 Custom Properties for Prompts Several new properties have been added to enhance the prompt options. These changes allow report developers to create customized prompt options without the additional JavaScript programming required in earlier versions.

Most of the prebuilt text labels with these prompts can be customized to meet the needs of individual reports see Figure 9. Figure 9 Dimensional Set Definitions As a welcome addition to dimensional functions, the Set Definition option see Figure 10 allows report authors to create complex subsets that are presented graphically.American Express offers world-class Charge and Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Rewards, Travel, Personal Savings, Business Services, Insurance and more.

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COGNOS(R) 8 Business Intelligence USER GUIDE THE NEXT LEVEL OF PERFORMANCETM REPORT STUDIO Report Studio Tour Cognos(R) 8 Business Intelligence Readme Report Studio User . The IBM Cognos Active Report Toolbox Items. The following section provides an overview of each of the IBM Cognos Report Studio toolbox items that can be used to create an IBM Cognos Active Report .

I'm creating RDLC reports in VS When the program is NOT running, I can see the toolbox, and add controls to the report, but the "Report Data" pane is nowhere to be found, so I can't fill the controls on my report.

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