Comparing the differences between general grant and general lee in bruce cattons grant and lee a stu

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Comparing the differences between general grant and general lee in bruce cattons grant and lee a stu

The common issue in the two pieces is the history of America and how it was built and what is necessary to become stronger and better for our future generations.

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The argument between Grant and Lee is, in my opinion, obvious. They were two men, heading up two sides of a divided nation, coming together to attempt to reach an agreement. For Mukherjee, the argument is: If one decides to abandon the traditions of her home country for those of a new allegiance, is she turning her back on her heritage?

The solution to both arguments presented is humility, a willingness to compromise, and maturity. Knowing how hard-fought the battle had been, General Lee was willing to sit down with General Grant to come to a conclusion of the Civil War.

This took a great deal of humility, maturity, and compromise. In hindsight, we can see this was the answer, however it took two men, not the thousands waging war, to reach this conclusion.

For Mukherjee, the same solution resolved her conflict. With her willingness to adapt to her country of choice from her homeland of India, she displayed copious amounts of humility, maturity, and compromise.

For 1, days, from April 12, until April 9,the brave, young men of this country waged war against each other.

For four years, blood was spilt on our homeland, all so it could be decided if we had the right to own another person. It takes a look at April 9, —the day Lee would surrender to Grant.

This is the day that Lee had to give up his ideals, his hopes, and his desires for a country he so dearly loved. On this same day, General Grant had to face his brother, his enemy, and his rival and come to terms that would allow the country to heal and move on.

The responsibility of that task must have been tremendous. Both men, each right in his own mind, had to come together and one had to surrender and admit defeat. Each of these men had the potential to mold America into what she has become, however, only one could take the reins.

Her writing takes the reader on a journey and as that reader, I could feel the emotion, the tug-o-war of her family, and the determination to move forward in her story. She is able to skillfully compare the differences between a naturalized citizen of the United States and a natural-born citizen.

She is also able to depict how a natural-born citizen might take their right for granted. While her paper is as old as it is, it is relevant to today with riots every other day, hate speech at an all-time high and violence around every corner. Her thoughts were, if we are all Americans, why do we need the hyphen to separate us from each other?

Both authors are attempting to bring to light what is necessary to allow this country to move onward and upward rather than downhill toward decimation. Whether it is being willing to set aside differences and come together in our similarities, or being willing to lay aside what segregates us and embrace what unites us.

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Lee fought for the Confederacy Comparing and Contrasting Robert E. Lee & Ulysses S. Grant Contrasting Comparing Both are Famous Military figures in history and in the top 5 most famous generals in the Civil War.

Lee was born into a prominent family and was already a famous military figure at the start of the war, while Grant was an unknown who rose up through the ranks and became known as a great general through his ongoing victories. 1, Likes, 14 Comments - Princeton University (@princeton) on Instagram: “#TellUsTigers: "I started writing songs for my daughter when I was pregnant, but I didn't know they ”.

Question Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts (The Norton Sampler) STRATEGIES AND STRUCTURES 1) Beginning with paragraph 3, Catton gets down to the particulars of his contrast between the two generals.

Comparing the differences between general grant and general lee in bruce cattons grant and lee a stu
Thesis Of Grant And Lee A Study In Contrast