Deena shakir essay

Jalandhari initially studied in a mosque school and later joined a local school. He only received formal education until the seventh grade. His first collection of poems Nagma-e-Zar was published in During this same time he wrote songs that were much liked by the public.

Widely regarded as one of the leading lights within the darkened expanse of modern EBM DJs and producers, Helena Hauff has consistently throughout her DJ sets and records created an entire universe of dystopian electro, acid and post-punk techno.

Deena shakir essay

Having already racked up releases and mixes for PAN, Blackest Ever Black, Dark Entries, Bunker, and Werk, by this point in her career it would be easy for Helena Hauff to take a step back when locked in the studio and knock out ten or eleven tracks of crunchy loops and distorted acid b-lines.

Yet Hauff does exactly the opposite, submerging herself in twelve tracks of raw electronics, that then emerge above ground to soundtrack your own street-level science fiction.

Treating her productions with the same vigour as her extensive DJ sets, Hauff lays the blueprint for each track with a crushing drum beat that plays on while she searches out new and inventive ways to build up vast blocks of tightly built acidic electro, all put right by her modus operandi of jamming on her collection of machines.

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Deena shakir essay

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