Dyslexia yellow paper

Eye Level Reading Rulers Many children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and autistic spectrum disorders have obvious difficulties with reading and writing that impair their performance in the classroom.

Dyslexia yellow paper

I'm a SEND teacher with dyslexia and visual stress myself. I have studied successfully to MA level, but have only been able to do so because I used these. Before I used these for my visual stress, text used to strobe and wobble on the page, giving me migraine headaches halfway through a lecture and often meaning I had to go home.

As a child I even developed phobias of other things with dense black and white patterns, like escalators. It was really that the Dyslexia yellow paper strobed and moved for me; escalators for me are a bit like stepping onto a moving magic eye picture!

I'm just saying, regardless of the academic arguments, there is a lived experience of significant visual stress which is real for people who experience it.

As I understand it, there's a lot of confusion about the condition, since it was originally conflated unhelpfully with dyslexia, so the debate became "dyslexia has a phonological basis" or "dyslexia is a visual problem" and experts felt they had to align themselves somewhere in this debate.

The fact that it has been drawn into these two camps is very unhelpful, since it has led to misunderstandings about visual stress. My understanding of the condition is that everybody experiences it to some extent as the poster above gave examples ofbut that it is a spectrum of discomfort, where I seem to sit at one end with black text on white paper being basically unreadable.

As a teacher, I've also had the experience of giving a student a coloured overlay to try without suggesting why and them being totally amazed at the difference it makes, explaining how the text stays still, that the white parts of the page don't make their eyes water any more etc.

Dyslexia yellow paper

I wish schools would put the more 'academic' issues aside and explore what actually works with each struggling learner as an individual.The Dyslexia Shop sells thousands of products relating to dyslexia and special educational needs, including teaching aids, specialist software, books, audio .

The Dyslexia Shop sells thousands of products relating to dyslexia and special educational needs, including teaching aids, specialist software, books, audio . Reading is a very complicated skill and because reading specialists know the hundreds of skills it involves and the process can be very taxing and some children use colored overlays to help clear up the print and reduce visual stress.

Coloured Overlays, Dyslexia and Visual Stress

Dyslexia Style Guide. This Guide is in three parts: 1. Dyslexia Friendly Text. 2. Accessible Formats. 3. Website design. 1.

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Dyslexia Friendly Text. The aim is to ensure that written material takes into account the visual stress experienced Paper should be thick enough to prevent the other side showing through.

Avoid white backgrounds for paper - white can be too dazzling so provide pastel colours such as cream/ivory, pale yellow, pale blue and pale pink Shop our ‘ Dyslexia ’ .

Unlike Dyslexia, which is a distinct neurobiological difference and for which there is no "quick fix", the effects of Visual Stress can often be easily and inexpensively remedied by .

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