Real estate and technology essay

Getty Images The real estate industry has changed a lot over the last decade, and new technologies are having a surprising amount of an impact on the way that real estate agents do their jobs.

Real estate and technology essay

Therefore it is wise to incorporate the housing sector with IT so as to facilitate easy bookings and payment management. This system aims at improving the services offered by the real estate sector. This is made real when the customers book apartments and rooms at the comfort of their whereabouts and only move in at their own time.

This system is easy to use, responsive and flexible alternative to manual, paper-based apartment booking. The house agents can manage the house allocation dates, add the available rooms and print the customer details who are allocated the rooms.

Easy management of customers payment records and bookings 2. These include the following; i Keeping the records of all the customers who have been allocated rooms and apartments is difficult and insecure in case of fire breakout.

It will ensure that there is no time wasted in checking in customers and bookings since customers do that at their own time online. It will also help the house agents to know the number of customers who have booked the rooms and the remaining empty rooms. This is because the system creates a softcopy off all the respective records.

To provide a portal for house agents to advertise the apartments and rooms. To enable customers and individuals to book rooms online after registration.

To enable house agents to access customer records and the respective rooms booked together with the commencing and end dates. To minimize paper works by generating softcopy reports of house invoices, house or apartment records and the respective bookings.

Real estate and technology essay

To process check outs faster and more effectively since the processing is only done online. To generate house invoices immediately a customer books a room or an apartment.

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It will address the problems and drawbacks experienced while using the current system of house bookings and processing. The system will allow customers to register and book rooms of their own comfort anywhere and print the house invoices.

Hatch defines a management information system as the development and use of effective information systems in the organization. He adds on that an information system is effective if it helps to accomplish the goals of the people and the organization that use it. An Information system is an open system that seeks a set of related goals, producing information using the input-output cycle.

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Acoff, Russell L, James C. Wetherbe defined a system as being a collection or arrangement of entities or things related or connected such that they form a unity or whole. In their study of the role computer based management information systems can play in real estates in Asia, Vijayanand Kommaluri and Venigandla Kishore Babu noted that, the unprecedented population growth coupled with unplanned developmental activities has led to urbanization, which lacks infrastructure facilities.

Real estate information management system is the essential part for a real estate enterprise and is very important for the decision-makers and managers.

Real Estate News November 1st, One of the first challenges addressed by many of the latest real estate management information systems is the need for companies to be able to convert thousands of paper documents — from leases to contracts — into a secure digital form. The data will be collected at each and every point in time.

Secondly the system will be designed by coding the already drawn algorithm. Implementation and testing of a unit will follow; this will ensure that the various units are functional.

The several parts will be then integrated to form the whole full system.Jul 31,  · It’s time. While many industries have stayed current with technology trends and established industry standards, real estate is a notable exception.

In 1, words or less, write an essay about how technology will change the commercial and/or residential real estate industry. About SquareFoot. SquareFoot is a venture-backed real estate technology company founded in with the mission of helping businesses find the .

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Real estate and technology essay

Feb 10,  · Things are starting to simmer in real estate technology. The first phase of technology development in the category, which was primarily focused around listing services for the residential side of. Online Real Estate System can help the customers to book for rooms and apartments at the comfort of their homes and only prepare to move in at their own time.

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