Something unexpected happened

With the cold barrel of his. It was in that moment that Lowder made a conscious decision to escape his pain; the solution, he believed, was suicide. More than 20 years later, Lowder told TheBlaze in an interview this week that he can still recall the questions that were streaming through his mind:

Something unexpected happened

The noise was loud enough to scare the hell out of her. This was the first time ever she had heard such a strange voice that also in the middle of the night when the whole of the town was fast asleep.

The noise was coming from the canal located down the road. It was not only her who had heard this noise there were many others who had come out to see this memorable sight. The uproar had taken over the whole of the town and you would never be able to guess the source of the noise and the reason why was it made.

This strange incident took place at Florida, Marcon when an eleven-year-old Dobermann named Turbo went missing from his home. Cindy Brunett, the owner was out and returned late night only to find her beloved dog missing.

Frantic with worry she looked for her pooch in every corner of her house but failed to find him. In order to find a dog, it is necessary for the owner to have at least the faintest idea of where could it most likely to go, unfortunately, Cindy had no clue.

By now, It was clear that the dog had gone out but the big question that persisted was where exactly? Clueless Having no clue of her dog location, Cindy drove from every pillar to the post of the city to look for him in the middle of the night.

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According to her, she left the house at 8 and came back at 2 which meant that the dog went missing sometime in between. She forgot to lock the latch as she was in hurry and perhaps Turbo had wandered out or maybe someone came inside and took the dog away.

Despite her constant efforts she could not find her dog and had to come back home empty-handed. As mentioned earlier she had no idea as to why Turbo went out and where can he go.

He had never done something like this before. Perhaps he went astray while chasing a cat or was too hungry looking for a trash bin and failed to remember the path he was treading in.

The dusk changed into dawn and yet no trace of the dog was found.

Something unexpected happened

According to American estimation related to dog database, about four million dogs out of eighty million goes missing every year. No need to say chances of finding a lost dog here was very thin.

Something unexpected happened

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