Ubc thesis submission

Contact Us Master's LL. The program attracts students with overseas common and civil law training, as well as those with LL. The degree requirements include course work and a thesis. The focal point of the degree and most of the course credits is the thesis.

Ubc thesis submission

Scholarships and Awards M. Program Requirements The following guidelines are active from Thesis and non-thesis options Normally, students enroll for an M. Students interested in linguistic research are strongly encouraged to enroll in the program for an M. Tentative selection of the thesis or non-thesis option is made at initial enrollment; final selection must be made before April 30 of the first year of enrollment.

If a student wishes to select the non-thesis option, a request must be made in writing. The program of M. Of the thirty, a minimum of eighteen 18 credits must be at the level and six 6 must be for the thesis. Of the thirty, a minimum of twenty-four 24 credits must be at the level.

In addition to the 30 credits, a major essay and a comprehensive examination are required. See Comprehensive examination for M.

Course Requirements Programs are individually planned at the time of registration; all programs must be approved by the Graduate Advisor.

This section outlines the course requirements for the M. The remaining 9 credits are to be chosen with explicit approval from the supervisory committee; courses may be from Linguistics or another appropriate department.

First-year graduate students who do not have sufficient background for the first-year graduate courses this is most typically an issue for LING and LING are expected to take the appropriate undergraduate courses e. Continuous enrolment Until their M.

Such relevance could be defined by a variety of factors such as the following: There is a significant and relevant linguistic literature in the language; for example, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Russian could fulfill the requirement.

Students may fulfill the language requirement in various ways: Certain departments at UBC, for example French and German, periodically schedule reading knowledge examinations.

Ubc thesis submission

Minimally, a second class standing B- or better in such an exam must be obtained in order to satisfy the Foreign Language Requirement. For further information on such examinations, contact the appropriate departments.

Certain students may speak a language natively and such native proficiency can be accepted by the supervisory committee. A student may have completed a program of post-secondary language study a minimum of 12 credits or equivalent.

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Minimally, a second class standing B- or better in such courses must be obtained in order to satisfy the Foreign Language Requirement. In such cases, the student should make a written request to their supervisory committee, including a proposal for how such an examination can take place, and including a proposal for a qualified examiner.

Students considering this option should be aware that the requirements including the required level of competence in the language and how to demonstrate it may vary extensively from case to case, depending on the norms of the language community involved. The language requirement must be met by the time of the submission of the thesis prospectus.

Supervision A Research Supervisor is appointed for a student before the beginning of their first year in the program. The Graduate Advisor and the Research Supervisor, in consultation with the incoming student, will together establish a three-member Temporary Supervisory Committee no later than the end of the first week of the first term.

Prior to registration for the second year, the Temporary Supervisory Committee shall be dissolved and a new Supervisory Committee shall be established. Supervisory Committee consists minimally of the Research Supervisor and two additional members. Normally the members of the supervisory committee are from the Department of Linguistics; if the students committee includes members from outside the Department of Linguistics, a majority must be departmental members.

Establishing a Research Supervisor is the joint responsibility of the student and the Graduate Advisor. Both new and continuing M. At this meeting students can discuss their course work and other aspects of their program. Incoming students are requested to bring with them copies of the calendars of course offerings from the institutions they previously attended other than U.

MA Thesis — see Forms.Submission of approved thesis Registration All graduate students in the Department of Geography (excluding those Masters students who are in the non-thesis program with comprehensive examination) must register in a thesis course (Masters: GEOG ; Doctoral: GEOG ) before term starts.

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What is the difference between the thesis-based (MSc/MASc) and the course-based (MF, MGEM, MIF, MSFM) Master’s programs? The Forestry MSc/MASc programs are research intensive and focus on completion of a thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.

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MSc thesis preparation and submission follow present guidelines set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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